Creative Work

Want to pick my brain? Have questions about business? This 30 minute session is for entrepreneurs in the making who have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to put those ideas together. You'll have a full vision board for your business once you complete 4 sessions. Sessions ONLY $29.

This session is for clients who know who they are and where they want to go. This series of 45 minute sessions will help with legalizing your business, obtaining an EIN number, opening business banking, social media, email addresses, operating agreements, websites, and more. With add on services like the Branding like a Boss checklist, we will help you launch your business. Sessions Only $49. 

Public Speaker

Already launched your business? Need some guidance with growing your audience? Connecting with potential customers? During these 60 minute sessions we will audit your website, social media, and engagement to find the disconnect with customers. We will streamline your products or services, and target your customer. Let’s discover a new pitch with purpose. Sessions ONLY $79



Virginia Based


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